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SNOW: Lectures Abandoned


This week has been a a complete whiteout, since tuesday when it took me 4 hours to get home I haven’t even tried to get up to Ravensbourne. Since Wednesday morning we have had over a foot of snow fall, causing absolute travel chaos, with no trains running from Petts Wood  to London.

Just take a look at my Facebook gallery, if you don’t believe how much snow we have had.

Due to the snow in the South East of London, and the lack of transport available, Rave decided to cancel the Industry day, that was scheduled for today. This was a good thing for me as if it had gone ahead I wouldn’t have been able to make it, due to the lack of trains and the fact that the car is also snowed in!

CIRCUS: Studio Gallery


Today, we moved onto the next part of our Production Skills Circus, this time we looked at the workings of the Studio / Production Gallery. This included looking at what the role of the Director, PA, VM operator and Other Production Roles do, during a live or as-live multi-cam shoot.

Looking at these roles and listening into to talkback of some recently recorded shows, gave me a look at how teams work together and how much is actually scripted, including all camera shots, tracks, how long the presenter talks and more. Listening to the talkback also gave a clear indication to myself and the group, how much teamwork is actually involved in creating the final show the viewer watches.

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