Lighting, in particular can be split into two main areas: Generic Lighting and Intelligent lighting although as technology is advancing so rapidly these two areas now often cross over. A recent advancement in technology had brought around many LED fixtures for example the LED Par Can, this can be classed as Intelligent as it can create many colours but it can still be a Generic to, as it is still a Par Can in it’s form.

Generic Lighting

  • Par Can’s
  • Profile Spot’s
    • Gobo’s
    • Effects Projection
  • PC (Pebble Convex or Plano-Convex)
  • Frensel’s
  • Flood’s
  • Work Lights (Rarely Used)
  • Gel (Colour)
  • Power, Dimming and Control
    • Cables
    • Connections
    • Pre-Set and Memory Consoles

Intelligent Lighting

  • DMX Protocol
  • Moving Head
  • Moving Mirrors
  • Effect / Disco (Rarely Used)
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