IP Streaming

Cisco Video Wall - Picture Source:http://www.telecomtv.com/results.aspx?tag=17

Cisco Video Wall

IP streaming is a huge new area to myself and the team at Fluxity, this section of the website will also become part of my (Tom Glover) technical “wiki”, which forms part of my Level 2 Hardware Systems Unit at Ravensbourne.

IP Streaming can cover a huge topic area ranging from methods of streaming Audio and Video over the Internet and Internal IP networks al the way through to streaming protocols and bit rates.

The next few pages are designed to explain the basics, limitations and some of the technicalities of IP streaming, as well as a method to show my findings and research over the next 6 to 8 months.

These pages may also contain some references to Ravensbourne 2012, which is a 2 day multi-course event held each year at ravensbourne.

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