Outdoor Broadcast Power

The outdoor broadcast industry relies heavily on temporary power. Depending on what power is required they might have a generator to power the OB or there maybe power on site. Temporary power is much simpler than power for install as it may only be there for a day or two. Unlike the UPS where everything is in its optimum working environment, all temporary power installs have to be weather tight and rugged as it gets moved around.


Most OB trucks require 125A 3 phase to operate, but as we learned from Telegenic, there 3D truck required 2 125A. Even though Ravensbourne has a lot of power in the build we were still not able to offer this amount of power and they had to bring a generator. the main supply from the generator was 400A 3 phase, this was then fed into a Rubber box breaking the 400A into 3 125A connectors.

As part of Penrose Market, 3D Storytelling and other recent events I have had the job of working out the power requirements for the event and then coming up with a temporary power install. Below is an copy of the CAD that I created as a reference for 3D Storytelling, I used this document in tandem with the main floor plans to work out cable lengths. Also in this CAD all of the cables are labeled so that it makes life easier on rig day.

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