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LECTURE: Electronics and TV Systems and Signals



Continuing on from the basics we learnt in the first few lectures, we moved on to some basic analogue circuits, including creating a Hi-pass and Low-Pass filter. These filters are both very simple, yet they provide crucial functionality in many everyday appliances. A good example of this is the Phone it has a 3KHz Hi-Pass Filter in it, creating the distinctive sound you hear. A Mid-Pass Filter is another extremely common one, particularly in broadcasting. Used mainly in TV tuners, to decipher one signal from the next. They are used for this purpose as they can be set to allow a very small frequency range through at a time, useful for splitting the hundreds of signals sent over FreeView.

TV Systems & Signals

TV Systems and Signals, was unfortunately canceled today due to unforeseen circumstances.

LECTURE: TV Systems & Signals


Optical Fibre Links

Today we looked at optical fibre links and how they now power the internet age that is now upon us. The amazing power of fibre is slowly being understood with new theoretical limits being constantly found, the current tested theoretical limit could handle the worlds current internet and phone traffic, and more in a single fibre.

Fibre’s are the back bone the UK broadcast industry, as they link all the Studio Centers with the 1000+ Transmission sites in the UK. The Fibre links are mission critical for all Analogue and Freeview transmission, as they provide the 17 Main and 1000 “Fill” UHF Transmitters, with the signal to broadcast.

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